Future Frontiers in Government HR: Navigating the Evolution of Work

During the World Governments Summit 2024, a roundtable discussion under the title of “Future of Government HR” was held with the participation of senior public sector representatives from governments around the world.

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8 Transformations: From Crises to Opportunities

This paper identifies eight strategic challenges and crises facing governments around the world, and outlines pathways by which these problems can be turned into opportunities for transformation.

In Search of Productivity: The Next $50 Trillion In the Global Economy

Productivity is a catalyst of economic growth, and it underlies the development potential of nations. Boosting productivity creates employment, encourages innovation, and supports the sustainable and equitable development of societies.

Government Services Forum: A Dialogue on the Future of Government Services

These are some of the takeaways from the discussions at the fifth edition of the Government Services Forum as the panelists deliberated upon taking a human-centered approach to redesign and implement services.

Global Government Services Handbook 2023

The term ‘government service’ does not necessarily conjure up the most fantastical image in the minds of its ultimate customers – citizens or residents of a particular country. Governments, while providing some of the most essential and critical serv

Labor Policies for a Digital Workforce: The Challenges of the Metaverse

Digital technology, near unlimited data, increased computing power, expanding communication bandwidth, and the 24/7 online mindset are converging to create a fully digitalized reality that mimics and parallels the analogue ‘real’ world.

The Future of Wellbeing

In 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that around one in eight people globally were living with a mental disorder. Positive mental health is vital to individual and public health, and society in general.

Global Economic Diversification Index 2023

Report equips policy makers around the world with a robust method to assess progress towards economic diversification, and identify areas for policy reform and interventions.

The Skills Revolution and the Future of Learning and Earning

As companies and organizations in all sectors deploy new technologies—including automation and artificial intelligence ensuring this evolution fosters shared, sustainable prosperity will likely hinge on how well societies prepare the workforces of to

Moonshot MENA: Making The Middle East The New Cradle Of Innovation

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has the potential to become a new cradle of global innovation. The region has the potential to pioneer actions of global significance, including transforming energy into food on a massive scale, and lead

Women in Government Leadership

Women’s participation in public and economic life strengthens equitable governance, economic growth, and public trust, from the community level to top policymaking circles.

Arab Public Administration Report: Digital Transformation

Amid the unprecedented technological changes around the world, digital transformation occupies a fundamental position in modernizing the government sector. In its second edition, the State of Arab Public Administration Report focuses on government di

Public Service Customer Experience And Equity

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven many public service agencies to increase their investments in digital technologies. Their aim is to become more efficient and flexible and better equipped to handle sudden upswings in demand during times of crisis.

Cyber Resilience Through A Risk-Based Approach

In a volatile cyber world with increasing threats government organizations need to focus on cyber resilience capabilities which allow them to decrease the impact of a successful attach.

Beyond The Network: Policy Measures To Position 5G As A Launchpad For The MENA Digital Economy

In this paper, we shed light on select regulatory frameworks and policy measures that would be critical to transition to 5G and position this critical technology as a launchpad for the digital economy.

Governing the Metaverse

While the construction of Metaverse projects are currently underway as the next iteration of the internet (or the future of computing), the role social institutions and governments play needs to be clearly defined.

The Future of Work and Education: How Governments can Create a More Systematic and Rigorous Approach to Skills Training

The mismatch of people with jobs is a problem that has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and its devastating impact on labor mobility and unemployment. The ILO estimates global unemployment could increase by 140 million full time jobs.

Meeting the Future: How Megaevents Should Transform for Success in a Post COVID-19 Era

The use of technology will be a major tool for unlocking the best mix of capability, impact and safety for host cities and nations. Emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies and beyond will enable the transformation of megaevents and p

Government Services Forum: A Dialogue On The Future Of Government Services

Based on research and the views of a diverse panel of senior leaders from the public and private sectors that participated in the Government Services Forum, this report outlines several topics. The new frontiers that governments are exploring to deli

Critical Decision Points Facing Government Leaders in a Transforming World

In the critical juncture the world has entered, governments face a radically altered landscape of uncertainty featuring challenges and opportunities that are not just unfamiliar, but in many cases structurally novel

Egalitarian Approach Required To Unlock Hardware Innovation

Innovative silicon chips and system design will drive the next wave of economic development. However, this innovation is now controlled by the US and a few Asian countries.

Advanced Science And The Future Of Government

"Governments need to stay abreast of the latest developments in science and technology, both to regulate such activity, and to utilize the new developments in their own service delivery. Yet the pace of change is now so rapid it can be difficult for

Shaping The Future Of Work Technology’s Role In Employment

"Technological advancements paved the way for Big Data, Mobility, Cloud technologies & Internet of Things (IoT) which are now a pivotal elements transforming how business is conducted in many industries, including government. Whereas numerous gover

Artificial Intelligence: Disrupting The Future Of Work

Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing increasingly sophisticated, enabling machines to perform some cognitive tasks as well as or better than humans, from assessing a loan application to writing stock performance reports. To stay competitive, busin

Future State 2030: The Global Megatrends Shaping Governments

The world is changing rapidly. Technology is connecting people within and across national boundaries and disrupting existing assumptions. Mounting public debt is limiting the scope of governments to act in a range of policy areas. Climate change is i

The Journey To Government's Digital Transformation

"In the coming decade, several factors—an aging population, the rise of Millennials, budget shortfalls, and ballooning entitlement spending—could reshape the way government delivers services. But the introduction of new digital technologies is likely

Gamification And The Future Of Education

"Gamification and the Future of Education is a forward-looking report that explores how the mechanics and dynamics commonly found in games can be applied in the educational context to improve educational outcomes. At the core of this report is an imp

Gov2020: A Journey Into The Future Of Government

This report summarizes the Government 2020 project, the purpose of which is to help leaders from all sectors make sense of the rapidly changing demographic, societal, economic, and technological trends shaping our future. Gov2020 isn’t a crystal ball

Future Of Government Smart Toolbox
In collaboration with

The Future of Government Smart Toolbox presented in this report is called “smart”, alluding to the mix of soft and hard power elements that enhance government performance. The operational question the authors attempt to answer is how technology can h

From Customer Satisfaction Measurement To Customer-Centricity

Based on a survey of 18400 customers in Abu Dhabi government, this report highlights the importance of developing a deep understanding of the customer’s current experience using a structured methodology that takes into account the different satisfact

Citizen Centric Government
In collaboration with

Engaging Citizens and Private Sector in Service Design and Delivery Engaging citizens in service design and delivery is crucial to help Government entities implement their strategy and enable economic development. This study prepared in collaboration

United Nations E-Government Survey 2012

e-Government for the people Progress in online service delivery continues in most countries around the world. The United Nations E-Government Survey 2012 finds that many have put in place e-government initiatives to further enhance efficiencies and s

Transforming National Resilience Systems for Future Generations

Transforming National Resilience Systems for Future Generations

In the last 100 years, instances of disaster and national crisis have increased 50-fold, with their severity and frequency also rising over time. In a context of urgency, the leaders of today have a duty to foster a culture of resilience and build th

Urban Resilience Tool

Government in 2071 is an initiative launched by the World Government Summit with the vision of preparing governments for the future.


Reflecting on a decade of shaping global governance, the 10th Anniversary Book is a tribute to the transformative insights and groundbreaking ideas that emerged over the World Governments Summit's impactful 10 year history.