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Artificial Intelligence: Disrupting The Future Of Work

Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing increasingly sophisticated, enabling machines to perform some cognitive tasks as well as or better than humans, from assessing a loan application to writing stock performance reports. To stay competitive, businesses are under pressure to reorganize to accommodate the pace of technological change and take advantage of new opportunities this new technology creates. This demands a rethinking of how work will be done—and who or what will do it. Machines will replace some jobs, but how many? Where—and how—can humans be aided by intelligent technology? How should businesses think about their approach to human capital and investment? What impact will this have on labor markets and public policy? Governments, for their part, need to gauge and respond to the impact AI-enabled technology will have on their labor markets and prepare a new generation of workers with the skills and knowledge they need to be employable in a very changed landscape.

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