Annual Gathering 2019

The World Government Summit organization aims to shape the future generation of governments. This core mission stems from the need for governments to evolve, as mandated by the technological advances of the last few decades. The Summit brings the public and private sectors together to collaborate with world-renowned experts in order to help create a positive impact for citizens worldwide.

In 2019 edition, the agenda was shaped around thematic tracks and themes such as Post Conflict Governance, The Future of Trade, Happiness and Wellbeing, The Interplay of Politics and Society, Design to Transform Government, What is the New in News, and The World’s next Resources.

In addition, The World Government Summit hosted three guest countries in 2019 represented by their leaders exploring the best of practices. Estonia, Europe's Digital Leader, shared their best practices in digital transformation. Costa Rica, shared their best practices in sustainbility, and Rwanda shared their best practises in Tourism and Agriculture. 

The program also included a series of forums such as the Global Policy Platform, the Global Dialogue for Happiness and Wellbeing, the Future of Government Communication Forum, the Global A.I. Governance Forum, the Government Services Forum, the Gender Balance Forum, the Climate Change Forum, the Women in Government Forum, the Advanced Skills Forum, and the Future of Jobs Forum.

We continue to co-curate forums with our strategic partners. We hosted the SDGs in Action in partnership with the UN, the Government Capacity Building Program in partnership with the World Bank, and the Arab Fiscal Forum in partnership with the IMF.

Session Videos

The Annual Gathering sparks discussion around many topics such as governance, economics, wellbeing, technology, and the society and environment we all share. To watch more of the wide ranging topics covered at the Summit, click below.

Past Editions
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