Future Frontiers in Government HR: Navigating the Evolution of Work

During the World Governments Summit 2024, a roundtable discussion under the title of “Future of Government HR” was held with the participation of senior public sector representatives from governments around the world.

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8 Transformations: From Crises to Opportunities

This paper identifies eight strategic challenges and crises facing governments around the world, and outlines pathways by which these problems can be turned into opportunities for transformation.

In Search of Productivity: The Next $50 Trillion In the Global Economy

Productivity is a catalyst of economic growth, and it underlies the development potential of nations. Boosting productivity creates employment, encourages innovation, and supports the sustainable and equitable development of societies.

Transforming National Resilience Systems for Future Generations

In the last 100 years, instances of disaster and national crisis have increased 50-fold, with their severity and frequency also rising over time. In a context of urgency, the leaders of today have a duty to foster a culture of resilience and build th

XDGs 2045: Navigating the Future of our World

This report streamlines the roundtable discussions into practical ideas, highlighting the XDGs as an essential platform for not just maintaining the momentum of the SDGs.

A Dialogue on the Future of Government Services

In its 6th Edition, the Government Services Forum, part of the World Governments Summit 2024, brought together senior leaders from the public and private sectors from around the world to engage in a dialogue on the future of government services.

Data-Driven Innovation: Unleashing the Power of Generative AI

Generative AI's impact extends across all industries, transcending boundaries to reshape the way businesses operate.

Time to Thrive: Urban Resilience Shifts from Trend to Necessity

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the urgent need for cities worldwide to become more resilient. Since then, that need has only grown. Urbanization is making city populations swell, and growth is projected to continue in the coming decades.

Advances in Regenerative Medicine (RM) and Gene Therapy

The future of regenerative medicine and gene therapy holds immense potential for transforming healthcare. As research and technological advancements continue to unfold, we can anticipate significant breakthroughs in this field.

Cultivating Confidence Towards Attracting and Retaining FDIs

Privatization is a promising strategy for economic growth, enhancing government financial health to attract foreign investments. Embracing ESG principles is crucial for investor confidence, urging governments to establish clear regulations.

Family Business Succession Planning

Family businesses wield substantial economic influence in the Middle East, holding significant assets and budgets. However, as they pass through generations, maintaining growth, harmony, and direction becomes increasingly challenging due to dilution.

State of Computer Science and ICT education in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is strategically transitioning from oil and gas dependency to a knowledge-based economy, allocating substantial budgets to education, including programming and emerging technologies.

Structurally Courageous Governments

In an era of technological advancements, global interconnectivity, and evolving societal needs, governments play a fundamental role in maintaining order, enforcing laws, and providing essential services to citizens

The ‘Silver Dollar’ Opportunity: Competing for Retirement Capital

The report delves into strategies for countries hosting high-earning expatriate communities to develop and enhance pension systems, thereby encouraging these individuals to remain in the country upon retirement, facilitating the transition from expat

Climate Leadership in the Middle East Calls for a Just and Fair Net Zero Transition

The Middle East plays a critical role in our global climate transition. As it carves its own pathway to net zero, it becomes increasingly important to ask two questions: How can the benefits of this radical transition toward net zero be widely shared

The Arab SDGs Index and Dashboard Report 2024

The Arab region is confronted with significant developmental obstacles across various domains. Currently, the urgency to advance towards the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has become more critical.

Four Steps to LEAD on Sustainability: MENA Organizations Must Turn Promises Into Action

Organizations across the Middle East and North Africa have both an opportunity and a duty to expedite sustainability efforts. Despite nearly 70% claiming integration of sustainability into their business models, merely 3% are progressing satisfactori

The U.A.E.’s Big Bet on AI
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The UAE is strategically positioning itself as an AI powerhouse, aligning with its National Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031. Focused on priority sectors such as technology, healthcare, education, agriculture, logistics, transportation, and ener

The Global Economic Diversification Index 2024

Economic diversification drives equitable growth and global resilience. It involves active private sector involvement, government policy reforms, and investments to move away from reliance on limited products. The Global Economic Diversification Inde

BRICS & the West: What to Expect in the Next Decade

As the international community reimagines effective multilateral governance, alternative models of global cooperation become crucial. Security concerns drive the need for new frameworks, emphasizing context-driven coordination in regions like Latin A

Government Services Forum: A Dialogue on the Future of Government Services

These are some of the takeaways from the discussions at the fifth edition of the Government Services Forum as the panelists deliberated upon taking a human-centered approach to redesign and implement services.

Moonshot MENA: Making The Middle East The New Cradle Of Innovation

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has the potential to become a new cradle of global innovation. The region has the potential to pioneer actions of global significance, including transforming energy into food on a massive scale, and lead

Women in Government Leadership

Women’s participation in public and economic life strengthens equitable governance, economic growth, and public trust, from the community level to top policymaking circles.

Cyber Resilience Through A Risk-Based Approach

In a volatile cyber world with increasing threats government organizations need to focus on cyber resilience capabilities which allow them to decrease the impact of a successful attach.

Seeding Markets To Grow Transformational Innovations

Societal challenges such as climate change or eroding public trust cannot be solved by new technology tools alone. Rather, they will take new ideas and new technologies working together to improve people’s lives. Government still needs to play an imp

Critical Decision Points Facing Government Leaders in a Transforming World

In the critical juncture the world has entered, governments face a radically altered landscape of uncertainty featuring challenges and opportunities that are not just unfamiliar, but in many cases structurally novel

De-risking the Investment Landscape .. High-impact FDI policies for the GCC

Countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) receive low inflows of foreign direct investment (FDI) as a share of gross domestic product (GDP) compared to their global peers. This report explores the underlying reasons for this historical trend ex

Edge Of Government

Innovation in government is about new ways to impact the everyday lives of citizens – improving health, educating children, safeguarding the environment, beautifying surroundings, reducing wasted time and resources, ensuring trust and confidence in g

Smart Cities: Regional Perspectives

This report is an entry one for city government leaders and politicians. It is not destined for technical people, rather it is meant to become a common ground from which policy makers can take major decisions on the highest level, as to how can Arab

Innovation In Government Services Report

In a time of unprecedented global interconnectivity, demographic shifts and socio-political movements, governments are under tremendous pressure to adapt to the changing needs of its populations in agile and efficient ways. Innovations that deliver n

Networked Government
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Technological integration and organisational connectivity are transforming the way governments operate. Governments are increasingly accountable and its stakeholders expect public service access anytime, anywhere, anyhow. To effectively deliver on th

Harvard Business Review: The Government Summit Special Collection

A Special Collection of Harvard Business Review in collaboration with the Government Summit consisting of a number of selected articles, led by a special article by HH Sheikh Mohammaed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Rul

Government Electronic And Mobile Services (Gems) Maturity Index

The Index is intended to improve constituents’ quality of life by promoting a citizen-centric view and highlighting what drives satisfaction with digital government services.

Digital Government
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The study is a comprehensive effort to assess the maturity and sophistication of digital government in 10 countries (Brazil, Germany, India, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, KSA, UAE, UK, and USA). It follows their pathways to digital excellence and a

The Arab Government Services Outlook 2014

This report aims to improve understanding of public service delivery in the Arab region by providing a broad view of service delivery environments, outputs and enablers; as well as regional challenges and strengths, and the overall quality of public

Customer Service Culture
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This report highlights the experience of the public sector in the United Arab Emirates in transforming the traditional culture based on typical procedural and bureaucratic routine to a culture responsive to customer needs

New Frontiers For Citizen Engagement

Impact of Social Media on Public Services in the UAE Federal Government The past years have witnessed a notable increase in government use of social media and its utilization as a tool to engage citizens and stakeholders in the design and delivery of

Government Efficiency
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Innovate. Scale. Measure. Incent. Prepared in collaboration with Deloitte, This is a review of leading practices in the public sector in the UAE, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and the UK informed by interviews with senior public servants and subject

Achieving Excellence Via Data-Driven Decision Making In Government

Serving the Future with Power of Analytics Government entities in the region are facing similar challenges: increased focus on law and order; high incidence of chronic diseases; young population and large expat workforce; unprecedented demands for in

Transforming National Resilience Systems for Future Generations

Transforming National Resilience Systems for Future Generations

In the last 100 years, instances of disaster and national crisis have increased 50-fold, with their severity and frequency also rising over time. In a context of urgency, the leaders of today have a duty to foster a culture of resilience and build th

Urban Resilience Tool

Government in 2071 is an initiative launched by the World Government Summit with the vision of preparing governments for the future.


Reflecting on a decade of shaping global governance, the 10th Anniversary Book is a tribute to the transformative insights and groundbreaking ideas that emerged over the World Governments Summit's impactful 10 year history.