The net-zero is a global sustainability goal. It is upon each country and its government to deliver on the pledge to realize the emissions reduction targets across key national sectors.

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The oil & gas (O&G) sector has been hit by a perfect storm. It has witnessed a steep fall in commodity prices, a drastic reduction in demand and, to add to its woes, a growing negative public perception, especially in Western countries, against the u

The world must act immediately to avoid the worst impacts of irreversible climate change and environmental catastrophe.

Based on research and the views of a diverse panel of senior leaders from the public and private sectors that participated in the Government Services Forum, this report outlines several topics. The new frontiers that governments are exploring to deli

This white paper, initiated and led by the “Emirates Government Service Excellence Program” of the United Arab Emirates, presents a glance at the world’s most impactful dynamics in the domains of technology, economy, and global societal changes.

The GovTech Prize recognize those fearless Governments that exhibit boldness in adopting the latest technologies in their aim to tackle some of the toughest challenges. Through this study, the UAE Prime Minister Office aims to accomplish several key

The world must act immediately to avoid the worst impacts of irreversible climate change and environmental catastrophe.

Innovative silicon chips and system design will drive the next wave of economic development. However, this innovation is now controlled by the US and a few Asian countries.

The EY Global Information Security Survey (GISS) 2020 highlighted that 60% of organizations have faced a material or significant incident in the past 12 months, and about one-sixth of these attacks came from “hacktivists” (i.e., techenabled, politica

With emerging market governments now facing substantial national budget deficits, the pressure is on to move beyond shoring up businesses for short-term survival to positioning them for sustainable success in the post-COVID economic landscape.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a severe test of the ability of cities to withstand unexpected shocks, and has strained economic, health, social, and urban infrastructures to the limit. Beyond the pandemic, exposure to natural and human-caused hazards

Countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) receive low inflows of foreign direct investment (FDI) as a share of gross domestic product (GDP) compared to their global peers. This report explores the underlying reasons for this historical trend ex

The Global Economic Outlook report addresses the short and longer-range issues that are shaping – and will shape out to the year 2020 – the global economic and business environment. It also envisions what conditions might serve to lift the current “g

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"How can a local government build a “smart city”? In exploring these questions, this study provides in-depth analysis of the critical first phase of Dubai’s mega-transformation into a smart city. Dubai’s ultimate objec

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"When scientists, health care providers, entrepreneurs, and other business and management talent consistently leave the country of birth for opportunities abroad, it creates a persistent drag on the home country’s economy and blights its growth. This

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"The theory of disruptive innovation, introduced in Harvard Business Review in 1995, has proved to be a powerful way of thinking about innovation-driven growth. Unfortunately, disruption theory is in danger of becoming a victim of its own success. D

"Personal technology is ushering in a new era of the “house call-plus”: An emerging philosophy in which smartphone apps, embedded devices, and wearable technology are fundamentally changing how and where medical decisions are made and treatment is re

"The promise of new technologies to transform education by delivering learning that is personalized and engaging for each student has caught the attention of educators, parents, and policymakers. Because all students learn at different paces and hav

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CITIE (City Initiatives for Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship) is a resource designed to help city governments develop policy to support innovation and entrepreneurship. It is the product of a partnership between Nesta and Accenture, who ha

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The report summarizes global trends and lessons learned in government services in the coming 5 years across areas like Customer experience strategy, Access, Privacy, Technology enablers, Service staff culture, Innovation, Government collaboration and

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This study on the digital transformation of government examines how pervasive new technologies that have become commonplace for citizen-customers are poised to transform the way we engage with government. Policy-makers across all levels of gover

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A strategic approach to education and skills policies for the United Arab Emirates This is a report based on series of OECD Skills Strategy diagnostic work that help building economic resilience, boost employment and reinforce social cohesion. It pro

New data show that there is great variation within and between different GCC labour markets. Prepared in collaboration with McKinsey, this report demonstrates that Governments will need to adopt more complex and targeted labour policies and intervent

Prepared in collaboration with Booz & Company and based on detailed analysis and extensive interviews with senior healthcare decision makers in the Arab world, this viewpoint suggests a structured framework and specific areas where PPPs will lead to

Strengthening public confidence and driving efficiency Vital to the smooth operation of any government entity is gaining the trust of those it is trying to serve. Mobile communications and social media sharing experiences have increased customers’ e

Meeting the Future: How Megaevents Should Transform for Success in a Post COVID-19 Era


The use of technology will be a major tool for unlocking the best mix of capability, impact and safety for host cities and nations. Emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies and beyond will enable the transformation of megaevents and p


Government in 2071 is an initiative launched by the World Government Summit with the vision of preparing governments for the future.


The tool enables you to assess a city’s resilience level through a comprehensive and integrated assessment framework, based on the exposure to hazards, vulnerabilities, and the institutional capacity to respond, recover, and transform. The fram