Government in 2071

Government in 2071 is an initiative launched by the World Government Summit with the vision of preparing governments for the future. With 2071 being targeted as the  year for the findings, societal and technological megatrends were captured. The predicted megatrends highlight the potential changes in citizens' live, and how societies will operate and be governed. These findings were compiled to form a guidebook intended to direct governments towards a future better prepared for. Government in 2071 has not only redirected the strategies of governments, but also those of private entities and startups. Visit Page
Gov2071: Guidebook

An exploratory publication that captures expected future megatrends that could change societies drastically. It also explores the responsibilities of governments to their citizens. 

Gov2071 Workshops

A series of interactive workshops that complement the megatrends highlighted in the Government in 2071 Guidebook, and provides entities with the framework to leverage these findings in preparation for the future. 

Gov2071: Policy Architect

An online platform that assesses socio-economic components for countries around the world and help guide policy makers decipher key areas of action.