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Main Address: The Future of Egypt

Main Address: The Future of Egypt

Egypt is writing a new page in its history and in the social inclusion of its people, said His Excellency Ibrahim Mahlab, Prime Minister of Egypt.

The people of Egypt are hopeful, and determined to face terrorism and security-related threats along with the rest of the world, he said at The Government Summit 2015.
Extremism can no longer be associated with religion and as a nation Egypt is ready to shield its people and protect its culture. “We want to eradicate the roots of terrorism from the Arab World. We want to grow and we want to develop as a nation,” Mahlab said.

Thanking the UAE leadership for supporting Egypt, Mahlab said: “I have the pleasure of being in Dubai, the city of happiness, welfare, protection, and safety.”
Egypt has already begun reconstruction after a period of revolution and counter-revolution, he said, and started drafting a plan that aims at economic development, growth, and reform. The people of Egypt have time and time again showed determination to build a better future for their country, he said.

The new government of Egypt has invested $8.5 million in eight days to support people’s aspirations, Mahlab said. The government’s mandate for the future is that the new road map must be based on clear and detailed programmes that will reflect the ambitions of the people to build a modern and democratic state, which serves its people with honesty and dignity, he said.

The new government will acknowledge mistakes and put aside all negative attitudes and will encourage transparency. Mahlab said the new government will focus on education using innovative methods.

The government’s growth program has been designed on the basis of three pillars – restructuring the general budget; providing social support and protection, especially to the poor and marginalized; and introducing financial reform according to international standards, Mahlab said.

The most ambitious economic reform would be the one pertaining to the development of the Suez Canal and the region around it. The New Suez Canal project will be the world’s biggest in terms of logistics and industrial area.

Development programs will cover all of Egypt, instead of just the Nile valley and delta. There will be a reform of the agricultural sector as well, he said.

The new government aims to support new projects and start-ups and pledges not to create obstacles, he said.

The Egypt of the future will protect all its citizens and encourage them to participate in the growth and development process.