The net-zero is a global sustainability goal. It is upon each country and its government to deliver on the pledge to realize the emissions reduction targets across key national sectors.

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The report focuses on the importance of the future of healthcare and digital health. It also includes the role of digital health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The world must act immediately to avoid the worst impacts of irreversible climate change and environmental catastrophe.

The COVID-19 pandemic is having profound economic, social and political impacts across the globe. Its effects are spreading throughout the entire transport sector, and urban mobility is no exception. ​ Public transport agencies, operators and other

Many companies are desperately looking for candidates to fill their increasing job vacancies. Meanwhile hundreds of millions of unemployed, overqualified or under-skilled workers do not, or no longer have, the relevant skillsets required to fulfil sp

The rapid economic growth of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries has placed great pressure on resources and has increased the amount of waste and emissions, to the detriment of the region. While GCC countries have started to explore sustainable

The world is awash with data. In the past quarter of a century, smart phones, Wi-Fi, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and other technological marvels have swept the globe, transforming all societies. It is a world of data abundance and immense

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This paper assesses the potential impact of quantum computing, detailing expected opportunities and specific risks. It drills down into the technology’s relevance to economic and national security priorities in the Middle East. The paper concludes by

Sustainable development requires the empowerment of women. Women’s empowerment is incomplete without access to health services in every life-stage. While there is no magic pill, the emergence of new technologies makes it possible for developing count

There’s a fundamental societal shift underway—and many governments are missing it. Across a range of markets, consumers increasingly judge product performance by the experience it generates as part of a broader ecosystem. In response, forward-looking

Food security is the most important issue of our time, given the dramatic advance of climate change and increasingly severe weather events as well as population growth, increased urbanization, aging population, changing dietary patterns, and decrease

Governments and Public sector entities around the world are already reaping the rewards of investing in AI technology. From reducing backlogs, cutting costs to predicting fraudulent transactions, AI has the potential to improve public services while

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When governments succeed in improving public services and stepping up their performance, the impact can be tremendous. For example, the most satisfied citizens are 9 times more likely than dissatisfied citizens to trust their government. Yet around 8

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According to estimates, in five years there will be a shortage of 700,000 people who possess technological skills such as complex data analysis or web development in Germany. There is also predicted to be a skills gap of 10.6 million employees with t

This paper explores a gamut of topics of crucial importance to the public sector in the light of the UAE’s visionary leadership and ambitious initiatives that encompass public safety, enhanced judiciary, a competitive knowledge economy and improved e

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In the last decades, many voices raised the issue of human activities' impact on the environment, and signs of Climate Change have since become more devastating and alarming. Many governments, despite their different agenda, agree that Climate Change

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Intentional Transformation: Harnessing the Emerging Logic of Accelerated Change The world has entered a period of deepening complexity and an intensifying pace of change that is placing unprecedented adaptive pressure on governments and societies ar

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The world is in the midst of an unprecedented technological revolution that is transforming economies, governments and societies in complex and unpredictable ways. This process is fundamentally changing how people live, interact and work, which inev

Today, Digital Technology offers the potential of moving from the traditional automation of existing processes and organizational structures of Social agencies to transformation, i.e. aligning processes, organizational structures, and new technologie

Historically, government agencies provided “off-the shelf services” in a manner that governments deemed fit for their citizens. Over time, competition in the private sector transformed service delivery to be customized, convenient, and centered on th

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We are in a new era of exponential learning and the world is transitioning to a cognitive economy. All—organizations, industries, governments, individuals—are learning, interacting in dynamic ecosystems and augmenting intelligence at increasing scale

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The award achieved a great success over the previous 5 editions and has seen the quality of submissions improve tremendously. Now, in its 6th edition, the award has continued to evolve and raise its bar as part of the United Arab Emirates’ continuous

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Governments, corporations and citizens are increasingly worrying about deliberate acts of mis- or disinformation being used as a weapon. Governments have begun addressing ‘fake news’ through regulation, but whether the problem is rooted in a news, b

Societe Generale has been a pioneer in developing Positive Impact Finance, in which the financing of any activity has a positive impact on one of the three pillars of sustainable development (economy, society, environment) while ensuring that potenti

The world today is undergoing a period of unprecedented change, brought about by global ‘megatrends’ which include changes in demographics, shifts in global economic power, large-scale urbanization, natural resources scarcity and climate change, to n

The 2019 Global Happiness and WellBeing Policy Report is produced by the Global Happiness Council (GHC) and contains papers by expert working groups on happiness for good governance. This report provides evidence and policy recommendations on best pr

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Unprecedented change defines today’s world, creating the need for leaders to behavior and respond differently to help their organizations navigate this new, more unpredictable environment. The research findings in this white paper are a combination o

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The city is a space of promise and peril, community and individual. For much of human history, cities have been the nexus point for social, cultural, and economic trends. From ancient Athens to Ottoman Istanbul and contemporary San Francisco, cities

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The future of service delivery needs to be looked at in the context of the future. It sounds obvious, but don’t design with only today in mind. And be careful not to base your assumptions about future experience needs on an assessment of the current

United Nation eGovernment Survey Regional eGovernment Experts Workshop 2019 & Launch of the Arabic Edition Survey

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The World Government Summit 2017, held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Ruler of Dubai, witnessed more than 4,000 global public and private secto

Government Summit Coffee Table book comprises a summary of The Government Summit 2015, by documenting the major and the side events of the Government Summit. This book includes a summary of the Third Government Summit proceedings held under the theme

Government Summit Coffee Table book comprises a summary of The Government Summit 2014, by documenting the major and the side events of the Government Summit. This book includes a summary of the second Government Summit proceedings held under the t

This report provides details on all the sessions and workshops held during the first Government Summit "Excellence in Government Services”held on 11 – 12 February, 2013 in Dubai under the patronage and presence of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Ras

This book includes a summary of the first Government Summit proceedings held under the theme "Excellence in Government Services” on 11 – 12 February, 2013 in Dubai under the patronage and presence of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

How Nature-Based Solutions in Coastal Areas can Help Address Global Crises


Ecosystem services provided by nature are a hugely under-rated asset. Coastal ecosystems in particular provide a wide range of benefits for our planet and humankind – natural capital – which remain undervalued.


Government in 2071 is an initiative launched by the World Government Summit with the vision of preparing governments for the future.


The Coffee Table Book captures all the highlights of the World Government Summit, including briefings on the sessions, sideline activities, awards, discussions and exchanges that happen over the course of the event.