Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is strongly committed to environmental concerns. In 1991 he joined Conservation International as a Board member and currently serves as its Vice Chairman. He sits on the Executive Committee and is involved in the growth and design of the organization. He is dedicated to raising awareness among government and business leaders that there is a direct connection between international conservation failures and the consequent threats to national and economic security. He believes, "Human well-being depends on Nature to sustain us. Nature doesn't need People...People need Nature." He has been involved with the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation among others. He has donated 389 acres of his property in Jackson, Wyoming for a conservation easement to the Jackson Hole Land Trust. He is, by profession, an actor.


09.20 - 09.40
Plenary Hall
The UAE’s Minister of Climate Change and Environment, along with the climate change activist and actor, Harrison Ford, issued some stark warnings on protecting the world’s oceans. H.E. Dr Zeyoudi pointed out that an expected 250,000 deaths, attributed to the effects of global warming, could be prevented from 2030 to 2050. People are expected to die from exposure to heat, malaria, malnutrition and lack of drinkable water, according to Dr Zeyoudi, who pushed for action, saying: “Everyone has an integral part to play in this battle.” Ford emphasized that, “The (climate) problems are global. The solutions must be global. All of us, whether rich or poor, powerful or powerless, will suffer from the effects of climate change and ecosystem destruction and we are faced with, I believe, the greatest moral crisis of our time; that those, least responsible for nature’s destruction, will suffer the greatest consequences,” he concluded.