John Rossant

John Rossant is the Founder and Chairman of the NewCities Foundation, a major global non-profit institution dedicated to improving the quality of life and work in cities. He is currently leading LA CoMotion, the global annual event on the future of mobility, which takes place each November in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. John previously led the team producing the famous World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland every January and has been been the producer of major World Economic Forum conferences in China, Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa. He has also played key roles in Monaco, with the Monaco Media Forum and the ongoing Prince’s Roundtable on Philanthropy. In 2010, French President Nicolas Sarkozy asked John to organize the first global summit on the future of the Internet, the e-G8. John has worked with heads of state and government and leading CEOs from around the world.


05.20 - 05.40
With the massive worldwide spread of technology, cities are increasingly adopting smart services, to become labeled as Smart Cities. But beyond smart and efficient services, how can cities be repurposed to enhance the future of urban wellbeing? Founder and Chairman of NewCities Foundation, John Rossant, discusses why it is important to focus on transforming quality of life and work through 21st century global cities.