The Future of Cities: Sustainability and Social Fabric

Communities are at the core of our civilized societies. Providing proper facilities and management can lead to close-knit communities that celebrate shared values and ideals. One idea that has permeated through our culture is sustainability. Business, food, lifestyle, and many other elements of our daily living are catching on to the importance of resource management and preservation for the future. However, urban infrastructure poses a challenge to sustainable practices as it is costly, unsustainable, and difficult to renovate. Prem Ramaswami is the Head of Product of Sidewalk Labs, a company that builds urban innovations to help cities meet their biggest challenges. Elora Hardy is the founder of Ibuku; a company that believes innovating with natural materials in design connects people with nature. Join us in this session as these two industry titans showcase the importance of our urban design and how we can reinvigorate it to suit our times.