Responsible Leadership for Infinite Success

Leadership expert Simon Sinek said there is no such thing as winning governance or business, and many leaders of governments and businesses are playing an “infinite game with a "finite mindset”. Successful leaders of businesses and governments need to have five key things: just cause, trusting teams, a worthy rival, the capacity for existential capacity and courage to lead. Just cause means we would be willing to sacrifice our own interests to further a cause. We have to have trusting teams, otherwise workplaces or governments are environments which foster a culture where workers fear to admit a mistake or raise a hand. A worthy rival helps us recognize our own weaknesses and help us improve our strengths, while capacity for existential capacity allows us to dramatically shift our path, even if we have invested in that road, as we recognize that shifting course would better further a cause. Then, the courage to lead means the courage to challenge mindsets and take a path less secure.