The Search of Sustainable Social Security in Costa Rica

The President of the National Social Security Authority in the Republic of Costa Rica delivered an address on the achievements, challenges and opportunities of the healthcare system in his country. This healthcare system, Roman Macaya Hayes explained, was a result of a three-way negotiation, and today, 5.7 million patients are served annually. The outcome of this ‘intense system’ is an impressive achievement - a life expectancy of 80 years upon birth. However, the system is paying millions of dollars for treatment that the Costa Rican citizen is receiving for a very affordable price. This poses a financial challenge, he declared, as there is a slowdown in contribution and in the inability to increase tax on payrolls. He suggested four main solutions that will be considered: investment in enhancing capabilities to develop healthcare and prevent diseases; providing timely and high quality services; creating a sustainable social security system, and innovation.